Simplest Electric Motor

The Simplest Electric Motor, its a variant of another engine that you can see here: The Simplest Electric Motor You will use more or less the same materials. Materials: Battery Insulated copper wire Neodymium magnet Battery One AA battery is enough Small piece of wire Any piece of insulated copper wire is enough. You must … Leer más

Another simple electric motor

Another simple electric motor and this experiment is simple and easy to do.Watch the video: Materials: AA battery Two neodymium magnets Two screws of different sizes A small piece of wire Battery One AA battery is enough, you can use another type but then make sure the diameter of the coil is the correct size. … Leer más

How to build a Simple Electric Motor

We will show you what you need and how to build a Simple Electric Motor. You may also be interested in: How to Build a Simple Electric Motor without permanent magnets You will need: A piece of wood 1 AA Battery A little Neodymium magnet Insulated copper wire Scotch tape Adicional recomendations: The piece of … Leer más