How to build a Simple Electric Motor

We will show you what you need and how to build a Simple Electric Motor.

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How to Build a Simple Electric Motor without permanent magnets

You will need:

  • A piece of wood
  • 1 AA Battery
  • A little Neodymium magnet
  • Insulated copper wire
  • Scotch tape
How to build a Simple Electric Motor

Adicional recomendations:

The piece of wood

You can use wood or a piece of cardboard, just make sure it is stable and does not bend easily.


One AA battery is enough, you can use another type but then make sure the diameter of the coil is the correct size.

Neodymium magnet

This is the hardest piece to find, you can get it on RadioSack, Amazon, Ebay or just to get the magnets from some headphones or a old radio speakers.

Insulated copper wire

I used copper wire from an old network cable, is 24 AWG (0.51 mm diameter) .

How to build a Simple Electric Motor
Old network cable
You can extract one of the different wires that are inside

But it is also a good idea to use enameled copper wire that you can also get on RadioSack, Amazon or Ebay:

 Enameled Copper Wire, 24 AWG

If you use enameled copper wire, you must remove the enamel from the ends carefully so that the electrical current passes correctly.

At the end, be careful that the coil is properly balanced, this is very important.


Actually, you can use any kind of tape that correctly fix the wire.

Note: Be careful, sometimes the wire gets too hot if it does not rotate properly

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