How to Build a Simple Electric Motor – Without permanent magnets

If you don’t have a neodymium magnet or any other type, you can build a little electric motor with two coils. One that will be the stator and replaces the magnet and the other, the one that turns and that will be the rotor.


  • Masking tape
  • Enameled copper wire, 24, 26 or 28 AWG.
  • Two AA batteries
  • A small piece of wood

Enameled copper wire

You can use enameled copper wire that you can get on RadioSack, Amazon or Ebay:

 Enameled Copper Wire, 24 AWG

You must remove the enamel from the ends carefully so that the electrical current passes correctly. I used a small Swiss Army knife to remove the enamel.


One or two AA batteries are enough.

The piece of wood

You can use wood or a piece of cardboard, just make sure it is stable and does not bend easily.


You must make sure that when you build the coil, the rotor is perfectly balanced or it will not rotate properly. Test initially with a battery, if it seems that it is not enough, connect two batteries in series.

Note: Be careful, sometimes the wire gets too hot if it does not rotate properly.

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