Another simple electric motor

Another simple electric motor and this experiment is simple and easy to do.
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  • AA battery
  • Two neodymium magnets
  • Two screws of different sizes
  • A small piece of wire
Another simple electric motor


One AA battery is enough, you can use another type but then make sure the diameter of the coil is the correct size.


The screws can be of different sizes, but take care that they are not rusted.

Neodymium magnet

This is the hardest piece to find, you can get it on RadioSack, Amazon, Ebay or just to get the magnets from some headphones or a old radio speakers.

In Amazon you find it for example like this:

Small piece of wire

Any piece of insulated copper wire is enough. You must be careful because sometimes it will heat up.

We hope this tutorial of another simple electric motor will be useful to you.

How to Build a Simple Electric Motor without permanent magnets

link to the video:

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